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Thus the total number of items possible on the mathematics tests at grades 8 through 10 is also Stanford 9 items plus 35 augmentation items. By looking at the percent of students scoring above the 50th percentile at each grade level, in the same subject--for example, reading--similarities and differences in the performance of students at different grade levels can be noted.

Fortunately, I had developed a back-up plan to cater for unexpected situations and I was able to call on unrostered staff to come into work. Jenna Allcock is a marketing and branding assistant for graduate careers website GradTouch.

The Reference Percentile writing applications score star the "Average" student is calculated for groups of Spanish speaking students just as the National Percentile of the "Average" student is calculated for nationally normed tests such as the Stanford 9.

What did you accomplish? It is also a useful framework for preparing answers to behavioural questions in an interview. Stanford 9 is a nationally normed test.

STAR augmentation scores for mathematics are reported for all students for grades 2 through 7 and grade The percent of students scoring above each level is calculated by counting the number of students scoring at or above a particular level e.

This icon can be found on the sidebar of many of these pages. The Stanford Achievement Test Series provides results in terms of scaled scores for individual students and a mean or average scaled score for groups of students.

Through this calculation, an increase of one point at one place on the scale is described as being equal to a one-point increase anywhere else on the scale. Set out the steps you took to resolve the situation.

Using STAR in interviews, when answering behavioural questions When you are preparing for an interview, take some time to research likely interview questions and rehearse how you might respond using the STAR model.

The sample also was representative of the nation in terms of ethnicity, urbanicity, socio-economic status, and students enrolled in private and Catholic schools. Types of Scores Reported Stanford 9 For each school, district, county and for the state, the following types of scores are reported by grade level and content area: Although these questions are a way for an employer to assess a particular competency, they are also testing your written communication skills and your enthusiasm.

No total score can be calculated for students who did not take both grade level components that contribute to the total score.

Click on any of these underlined links to display the report for that district or county, or for the state.

Talk about the task at hand.

Because the norming group was not a nationally representative sample, all the normed scores are called "reference" scores rather than "national" scores. Mean Scaled Score estimates the group average scaled score for each grade level.

After following directions to find the school report forto find the results it is necessary to click Spring STAR Reports icon. Comparing Scores Comparing Group Test Results One of the reasons that the same test is used year to year, and is used with all schools, is to allow for comparisons over time and among schools.

Start by outlining the situation you were in. The norming sample for Stanford 9 included students from the northeastern, midwestern, southern, and western regions of the U. What did you do? The advantage of application forms over interviews is that you have the luxury of time to construct the perfect answer to a question.

Keep your answers in the first person, always speak about what you did and use active verbs. You want to leave the reader with a positive impression. Situation To perform this job I need to identify all jobs booked for that day; calculate how many staff will be needed to set up each event, and ensure that there is sufficient time to set up each event by the time required.

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Linking School, District, County, and State Reports In the upper left of each school report page, you will find the name of the state Californiacounty, school district, and school that corresponds to the report. One of the easiest ways you can ensure a solid answer to a competency-based question is by being specific.

In fact, if a group maintains the same position relative to the norm group, the scaled score would increase, because the norm group also increases its scaled score from year to year. Action As a result, there was no disruption to the setting up for the event, and my supervisor commended my actions in responding to the situation promptly and efficiently.

When making such comparisons it is important to remember that the number of students in each group affects the confidence in the inferences that one can make about such comparisons.STAR is a great tool that can help you win the job.

While it has been around for a long time, it still provides an excellent guide for job applicants. STAR provides a structure that assists you to present examples as part of your written application or in an interview. STAR Has Been Replaced by CAASPP The Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) program ended on July 1, The STAR program was replaced by the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) System.

STAR method Situation Task Action Result. Whether you are writing a CV, completing an application form or answering questions at an interview the STAR approach is great way to structure examples. It helps employers and course providers evaluate what skills, qualities and experiences you have that would help you fit with the job, course, company or institution.

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The STAR model provides a framework for presenting information in response to Key Selection Criteria. It is also a useful framework for preparing answers to behavioural questions in an interview.

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Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) Results

ACT Writing Scores Explained By Art Sawyer June 28, ACT, College Admission Requirements. The Writing score acts as a third score in the ELA mix. There is an implicit scaled score. In this case, the 10 is a very good score, but it would be equivalent to about a Average of 35, 36, and 31 is Skip to 0 minutes and 45 seconds So, for example, the interviewer or application form might say, "Give an example of when you have worked as part of a team to .

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