Writing a diary entry gcse exams

Dussel was undressing, but I took no notice and leapt up, wide awake, at the sound of the first shot. A big writing a diary entry gcse exams like that is not a pleasant sight, but fortunately for us it was all over, and we went back to our various jobs.

Writing a diary or journal

A ship, a yacht, a ferry: Richmond tells me we will be traveling back with the current, so the journey should be faster but smoother. The food was good, but I lost my appetite the moment I heard the siren.

I managed to keep Swift dry, but I was drenched in river water. I dread to think where he will take us next. And never again will I allow myself to be tempted to travel to far flung places by the inane ramblings of a mad man.

I had a terrible headache, so I lay down for an hour after breakfast and then went to the office at about two.

Example 2: Alex's diary entry

I have no interest in listening to Redmond recite the Latin name of hundredth specimen of tree we have passed that day in our rickety canoe.

I have heard him mention eagles, lizards and monkeys. I debated talking to Richmond about searching for a calmer route, but he was already gazing into the sky again at some large and ungainly bird flying by, so I thought better of it and carried on reading.

If Richmond manages to successfully transport us through this tropical nightmare of creepers and critters we will emerge from the wilderness and arrive at a small settlement, the nearest this backwater has to civilization.

Redmond, whom I have only known for six months, somehow persuaded me to accompany him on one of his harebrained adventures.

Writing about the past – WJEC

Richmond and I are two men so similar in upbringing and education and yet our interests are so different. The first warning siren went off in the morning while we were at breakfast, but we paid no attention, because it only meant that the planes were crossing the coast.

Sometimes I wonder what I am doing here; the jungle contrasts so greatly to my normal domain. So she and I trooped back upstairs. The house shook and the bombs kept falling. I pray that the next few days are a steady meander over calm waters, allowing me peace and time to compose more works for my next anthology.

Standard May 1st After half an hour the drone of engines faded and the house began to hum with activity again. An expression of barely contained glee all over his rugged face, he was like a child at Christmas receiving his first pushbike.

I made the same request for a peaceful course this morning and settled myself at the back of the canoe, put my straw boater on my head and lent back ready to immerse myself in the poetry of Swift, only to be rudely interrupted by Richmond twittering about rapids.

Not soon enough for me! Before long the smell of fire was everywhere, and outside it looked as if the city were enveloped in a thick fog. I am my happiest sitting on my old chesterfield sofa, pen in hand, notebook on my lap. Needless to say my suggestions are overlooked.

Journal Example.

None too soon, it seems, for less than five minutes later the guns were booming so loudly that we went and stood in the passage. But the planes kept on coming. But a dugout canoe? Just as we were starting dinner: I sincerely hope to find a shop selling the amenities I am so desperately craving.

Now the heat of the roaring fire has gone and instead the heat of the Borneo sun beats down on my back. At least I have this, my journal, and my notebook of poems to escape into when his absurd talk of crocodiles and other jungle creatures becomes too much.

I was aghast when Redmond revealed it to me. Nothing happened, however, and forty-five minutes later the all-clear was sounded.Success in IGCSE Reading Paper.

Follow the example that is given, ‘begin your answer with ’ and include the bullet points • A diary entry • A newspaper report • A letter You need to be aware of the conventions (what to include) in all of these – we don’t know -. May 14,  · May 1st Our Journey On The Wild River. Sometimes I wonder what I am doing here; the jungle contrasts so greatly to my normal domain.

I am my happiest sitting on my old chesterfield sofa, pen in hand, notebook on my lap. Resource containing a complete GCSE scheme of work for Original Writing - Diary entry.

Students will complete a diary entry response to literature and texts from World War 1. These include Wilfred Owen's Dulce et decorum est and a series of fictional and non fiction letters from the front/5(6). Writing a diary or journal. Most assignments which ask you to write entries in a diary or journal will ask you to write imaginatively.

This means that you write as a character and you write a. Writing a Diary Entry Lesson Plan Extend the imaginary diary writing experience by having students write a diary entry from the point-of-view of a cross-curricular concept, such as the number.

Example 2: Alex's diary entry.

Diary Entry Example.

The in-role writing by this candidate, Alex, also forms the means of staging a sequence set in the Salem community.

Writing a diary entry gcse exams
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