Write a program to design a calculator in vb

For the zero button, your code will look like this: The middle lines perform the square root function on the current part of the calculation, either left or right. This calculator can be easily expanded to handle more operations, more complex calculations or even to be a scientific calculator with a little extra work.

Do the same for your form a suggested form name is "CalculatorUI"making sure to enter a similar name in the "Caption" property as well, which will change the text in the top bar of the form. Then we clear sRight so the user can enter the next number, write a program to design a calculator in vb set bLeft to False so the program knows we are entering the right hand side of the calculation next.

It will appear like a white space. Then add the call to AddNumber, replacing the number in quotes with the number associated with the button.

First, add a text box, which will be where the numbers entered in the calculator appear, as well as the results of calculations. The second step is to set bLeft to False, because the entry of an operator means the user is done entering the left side of the equation.

Save the project in a new folder on your computer. Step Add the code. Press "Enter" to accept the new name. First we call the Click event for the equals button described in the next stepwhich does the calculation and sets tbResult to the result of what has already been entered.

Your form should now resemble the example shown here. If bLeft is true, this number is appended to the string that represents the number being entered, sLeft, and the textbox, tbResult, is updated to display the new number. Finally, we reverse the checks we did in the beginning so that a zero is copied as an empty string back into sLeft and sRight.

Your code for the plus button will look like this: These last lines allow us to take the result of the calculation and use it to perform another calculation.

The good news is excel already took care of the above problem. Be sure to change the following lines in the Properties window, with the TextBox selected: You can do this easily by double-clicking each number button, which will create the subroutine structure for you.

Jordan You will get the following message box Congratulations, you just created your first VBA program in excel Step by step example of creating a simple EMI calculator in Excel In this tutorial exercise, we are going to create a simple program that calculates the EMI.

To open VBA editor double click on the worksheet. Pmt … " WorksheetFunction is the function used to access all the functions in excel The following image shows the complete source code Click on save and close the code window Test your program as shown in the animated image below Example 2 Step 1 Under Developer tab from the main menu, click on "Visual Basic" icon it will open your VBA editor.

Your complete code window should now look as follows Close the code window Right click on button 1 and select edit text Enter Say hello You will get the following input box Enter your name i.

The subroutine will look like the following: Here the name is the name you want to assign to your program.

Do this by selecting the TextBox button from the toolbar at the left side of the screen, and then dragging with your mouse the size and location you desire for the TextBox. Do the same for the rest of the calculator buttons, and then save your work. Value makes reference to the value in B6 "WorksheetFunction.

Step Initialize the bLeft variable. In order to track whether the user is entering the left or right number, we need to create a boolean variable, bLeft. It will open a VBA editor on the right-hand side of the folder. If bLeft is false, the same operation is performed using sRight instead.

For the percent button, the code is similar, with one exception: Step 3 In this step we going to see our fist VBA program. Project listing and properties window Violet Mabe Rename your project and your form by clicking on "Project1" at the right hand side of the screen, in the project listing, and entering a new name in the "Name" line of the Properties box, which should appear below the project listing by default.

How to Make a Calculator With Visual Basic

The following image shows the formula for calculating EMI. The above formula is complex and can be written in excel. We will do this like last step, creating a subroutine that is called in the Click events for the operator buttons.Here you have to select the sheet where you want to display the program and click on "Run" button.

Step 6) When you click on Run button, the program will get executed. It will display the msg in MsgBox.

Download the above Excel Code Summary. VBA stands for Visual Basic for Application. Jul 25,  · Yes. Microsoft released Visual Basic Microsoft had planned to use Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR) for that release but shifted to a co-evolution strategy between Visual Basic and sister language C# to bring both languages into closer parity with one mi-centre.com: K.

Example to create a simple calculator to add, subtract, multiply and divide using switch and break statement.

How to Create Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) in Excel with Examples

C Program to Make a Simple Calculator Using switch case C Programming Logo. Write a calculator program. Each time the program starts, reset the current value to zero. The user will then enter an arithmetic operator (either +, - * or /) and then a number (double).

Your program will respond by performing that operation on the current value and displaying the result. The. Microsoft Visual Basic is a programming language based on the BASIC language, originally developed to make programming easier to learn.

Visual Basic takes the familiar commands of BASIC and adds object-oriented tools and interfaces for designing WYSIWYG-like Windows applications and web controls, among many other.

C program to design calculator with basic operations using switch This program will read two integer numbers and an operator like +,-,*,/,% and then print the result according to given operator, it is a complete calculator program on basic arithmetic operators using switch statement in c programming language.

Write a program to design a calculator in vb
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