The russian civil war essay

This use of one ideology appealed more to the people than the Whites scattered opinions and was the main contribution to why the Reds won the civil war. The Whites were made up of many groups — groups that hated each other as much as they hated the Reds.

This was a combination of various groups whose sole aim was to defeat the Communists. They also seized the vital eastern city of Vladivostok. Much credit must go to Trotsky who, despite the criticism aimed at him over the Czech Legion issue, was a brilliant War Commissar.

The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk had shown to many how weak the Bolsheviks actually were. McCauley, The Reds however, were united by a strong ideology, high morale and had a strong sense of purpose. Knwon as the Czech Legion, they fought the Germans as a separate unit under the leadership of Masaryk until Brest-Litovsk ended that fighting.

Malone, The BBC state that the Whites had no one person in charge of their forces, and as a result, there was no co-operation between the various sections of the army. For their own benefit, the western powers wanted to re-establish an Eastern Front so that the German Army would be split once again, thus relieving the problems being experienced on the Western Front.

Collectively, they were known as the Whites while the Bolsheviks were known as the Reds.

As the Czechs had the power to threaten Tobolsk, they were brought back to Ekateringburg. This is reliable information because the BBC are extremely well known for their reliability and extremely accurate material. In the south of Russia, the resistance to the Bolsheviks was led by Kornilov. Its power was massively extended after August 30th, In earlyKolchak and the forces he had grouped around him, went on the offensive.

The fact that so many groups existed, meant that no one person could be appointed to act as their sole commander.

After success against forces in Russia itself, Trotsky then faced a challenge from Poland.

Why did the Reds win the civil war in Russia against all the odds? Lenin had called for peace at any price and the Germans had exacted very severe terms — something that was held against them at Versailles in If a Red commander was successful in combat, they were promoted.

The Red Army drove Kolchak and his rapidly disintegrating forces back to Siberia where he surrendered to the Communists.

On November 18th,the Socialist Revolutionaries were pushed out of the Ufa Directorate by former tsarist officers who placed Kolchak at their head. A two-pronged attack against the Bolsheviks may well have been successful — but it never materialised.

The Bolsheviks also had a centralised based area including Moscow and Petrograd. Within Russia, the Communist government under Lenin was now secure.

He had established relations with the Allies in an attempt to establish a united Eastern Front. There is much argument between historians as to whether the whites could have won the war had they been more organised, as they were clearly superior on the battlefield.

Trotsky also knew that the first time the Red Army lost a major battle, it would spell the end of the revolution and all that the Bolsheviks had fought for.

It was made up of groups that also had few things in common with one another. Socialist Revolutionarieswho had been members of the dispersed Constituent Assembly, grouped in the Lower Volga under the leadership of Chernov. This was carried out on July 16th, As soon as the first units of the Czechs surrendered their weapons, the Red Guards shot them.

With no unified leadership, the Whites were much weakened. At the end ofthe Bolsheviks only effectively controlled Petrograd, Moscow and the territory between both cities.

This was to prove a costly error as it was obvious that the other men could not trust what Trotsky had promised. However, in the early stages of the civil war, the Whites threatened this city.

Finland did so in March — and collapsed into a civil war itself. These factors have led many scholars to conclude that the Whites were doomed to defeat by their better-organized and more-confident Red opponents. The Whites also had an appalling reputation regarding their treatment of the indigenous people of any area they controlled.Essay on The Reds' Defeat Over the Whites in the Russian Civil War - The Reds' Defeat Over the Whites in the Russian Civil War From the summer of a civil war began in Russia between the Bolsheviks (called the reds) and their opponents (called the whites).

This lesson offers essay questions that will help students analyze the Russian Civil War. Causes of the Russian Civil War The questions in this section will focus students' attention on causation of.

The Russian Civil War (November – October ) was a multi­party war in the former Russian Empire fought between the Bolshevik Red Army and the. The Russian Civil War - The Russian Civil War Between and there was a civil war in Russia.

The war was between the reds, who were the communists/Bolsheviks, and the whites who were the either Tsarists or anti-communists.

The Russian Civil War

What complicates the Bolshevik involvement in the Russian Civil War is the fact that the Bolsheviks prescribed to a state central authoritarian system of government. In other words, the Bolsheviks believed that the state was the center of all authority and that it should be comprised of one political party.

“Why is the Civil War Considered as the First Modern War” Essay The American Civil War or quite simply the Civil War as it is known to many Americans, is regarded as America’s bloodiest war, claiming more lives than any other war in American history.

The russian civil war essay
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