The different types of specialist tourism essay

Even though most people are in employment and are getting a regular income, there are some people who are: America, Caribbean, Europe and the Mediterranean. Natural Attractions Topographic sites: As the tourists will be staying in the cottages they are only allowed to stay for a certain period, which are: Today overlanding is a form of extended adventure holiday, embarking on a long journey, often in a group.

A change in place and climate helps a traveler to recharge his mind, body and spirit. Travel based recreation provides relief from the monotony of daily routine. Kirker holidays are integrated tour operator as they have British Airways and Eurostar as their partners and they are an enterprise as they have an office in Brighton and many different call centres around the world Other types of The different types of specialist tourism essay tourism There are also other types of specialist tourism but not many tour operators are planning holidays and itineraries to meet the different types, which are: Preserve local culture and tradition: Galore of cultural differences resultant in varieties of cuisines to please diverse tongues, textiles, artifacts, handicrafts pleasing eyes are other gifts.

Headwater is a tour operator who create holidays for people who want to go on holidays for one specific reason. Tourism industry is growing very rapidly in India employing millions of people. This increases the overall spending of the person. Clients engaged with SIT are seeking to learn more, enrich their awareness, and express themselves.

ACE cultural tours are an integrated tour operator as they are owned by the ACE foundation who also own ACE Cultural cruises and they are a small enterprise as they have an office as well as an online booking form.

So, today environment friendly or green tourism are being introduced by tourism industries. Now more people are having more money they may not want a boring beach holiday and want a different kind of holiday.

Tourism is an important source of income for many countries. Hence, it fosters cultural harmony. India can reap benefits from this industry, can add to own coiffure, earn foreign money if tourists are attracted to Buddhist stupas, Hindu temples, Mughal, Rajput palaces, forts, and victory towers, rock-cut caves, elaborately laid our gardens.

This could be a school trip going on a week trip to Devon for geography or travelling to Iceland to study the geysers.

Many people travel for fun and enjoyment. The benefits of tourism will stay only if due care is taken for the longevity and survival of natural environment. Cultural Attractions The main categories of these are: This tourism is when people go on a safari in Kenya or a trek in the Amazon Rainforest Naturetrek are a tour operator who having been selling wildlife tours for more than 25 years and one of the biggest tour operator of their speciality in the world.

Tourism may have damaging socio-cultural effects. Due to the change of law in which made work places give employees four weeks holiday every year meaning that people had more time to travel to new places rather than just going to Spain for the week.

Due immense changes, pollution, and dirt, the landscape may lose its scenic beauty. People are now having unpackaged holidays as it is cheaper and they can plan it all their selves on the go or at home when they can be comfy.

As people are finding out, by going on holiday it makes them happy and when it finishes it increases work productivity and general happiness and wellbeing. Disaster Tourism, Dark Tourism and Rural Tourism Disaster and dark tourism are kind of the same as both kinds of tourism is when something negative has happened there.

Tourism must not play havoc with traditions and protected societies.

Adventure travel

For example, the jack the ripper tour in London, tourists can book onto the tour which lasts for just under two hours and you go to the sights of where he murdered the people. Another kind of specialist tourist is that people visit a destination to help and volunteer on a project such as helping build a school, medical center or other community facility.

CHA are the oldest educational tour operator in the USA so they are the best tour operator to plan educational trips for American students.

Spend time with families:Published: Mon, 01 May The aim of this assignment is to investigate the tour operations sector of the travel and tourism industry, including the different types of operator, their products and services, the scale of the sector and how it has.

One way of classifying different types of tourism is according to the dominant interest or reason that causes people to travel.

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If a tourism manager understands why a person or group of people are travelling to a particular destination, they can then design a package of services tailored to support that reason for travelling.

Sea travel would be used for all three types of tourism; inbound, outbound and domestic. Air travel is the most popular type of travel used all over the world. This includes; scheduled–planes that operate to a published timetable. Unit 14 - P1, P2 & M1 P1 - Describe the types and providers of specialist tourism There are also other types of specialist tourism but not many tour operators are planning holidays and itineraries to meet the different types, which are: Disaster Tourism, Dark Tourism and Rural Tourism Disaster and dark tourism are kind of the.

Know the types and providers of specialist tourism Outcome 3 Know the market for a chosen type of specialist tourism D2 evaluate the different options available to meet the needs of the specific customer profiles, justifying the preferred options Unit Specialist Tourism Pass?

Adventure tourism is tourism which takes place in an unusual place and it is an exciting experience, this involves exploration of an area. This is different to the typical beach vacation for example going to bungee jumping or rock climbing would be classed as adventure tourism.

The different types of specialist tourism essay
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