School hours should be extended essay

The non-teaching staff would need to be paid more to maintain the building for the extra hours it would be open. I should think not. Teachers see what the possibilities are and they want that for their students. There are various avenues to opt-out of the initiative for those parents who prefer their child not participate, but overwhelmingly in Fall River and Rochester, buy-in from parents has been a constant.

During winter, school already takes up most of these hours and it mostly involves studying indoors. I think that should school days should not be extended because you get tired of work and you need to relax and if you have longer days then its harder to complete homework when you have less time at home.

Vicki Abeles, author of Beyond Measure: The teachers themselves would not only have to work the extra hours but also do even more planning for those hours, which they already spend most of their time outside working hours doing.

Your parents might put you in after-school care from 3pm-5pm, until they can pick you up. The key is creating a healthier, more balanced, more engaging and effective school day, not a longer one. Also, adults could work for longer and pick you up at about quarter-past If we make school longer, this will save money, get adults more and make your life more luxurious.

This has led to an epidemic of anxious, unhealthy, sleep-deprived, burned-out, disengaged, unprepared children — and overwhelmed and discouraged teachers.

Also, they would be able to work longer hours thus getting more money, and making life more of a luxury. And not to parents either. Then your home life is something separate from your study life, so you can concentrate on playing and family time.

For instance, lets say that you finish school at 3pm. So much easier for parents! Obviously, teachers would have to be compensated for the extended time, but they have also been determined to make the time work for their students. In reality, most schools offer a study hall or IRP to give the students sometime to get homework done.

Not enough hours of daylight during winter. Some school have had rougher transitions than others, but overall the extended learning time initiative in Rochester has won positive reviews from district leaders, educators, and parents.

Sometimes, children have after school activities so they might miss out on them.School in itself takes up around 8 of those hours with travel to and from school and homework.

Kids need about 10 hours of sleep. That leaves just 6 hours a day for family life, eating, sleeping, health care, physical activity, developing social skills, learning life skills participating in extra curricular activities and sport, religious instruction, reading.

School Day Should Be Extended

From an argumentative point of view, we need to keep in mind that quantity should not always be the issue; we should aim at delivering high quality services. The quality of education in schools should be the focus. As such, we should extend time spent in school. School Day Should Be Extended Please cast your vote after you've read the arguments.

You can also add to the debate by leaving a comment at the end of the page. Currently, around 1, schools across the country have extended learning hours, a significant increase since when only had implemented the shift.

Its popularity in some communities won’t necessarily be replicated in others, says Adam Urbanski, president of the Rochester Teachers Association.

Extending the school day may do more harm than good. Secondly, a major reason why the school day should not be extended two hours for students to get help on their homework is simply because of the fact that they do not all need it.

Many kids like to work at their own pace and should have the option of getting help or not/5(1). With increased hours spent in schools, teachers would expect more pay for their work.

Not only teachers, but also custodians, secretaries, and other support staff would demand increases. With the extended day comes more time that the .

School hours should be extended essay
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