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Victory of Chaeronea When Philip swept south with his army in Novemberhe hoped to rush the Thebans into honouring their alliance and letting him through into Attica. Commander of the Greeks, Illyrians, and Thracians Philip now proceeded in securing his newest conquest.

He was active in completing the subjugation of the Balkan hill-country to the west and north, and in reducing the Greek cities of the coast as far as the Hebrus. Olynthus and other Greek cities knew better. In his Politics a few years later he used this incident as an example of a monarch murdered for private and personal motives—which would have been a puerile indiscretion if either he or the world in general had ever taken the canard seriously.

From untilPhilip traveled in ItalyGermanyand the Netherlands, but his great reserve and his inability to speak fluently any language except Castilian made him unpopular with the German and Flemish nobility. In BC, Philip advanced to the conquest of the eastern districts about Hebrus, and compelled the submission of the Thracian prince Cersobleptes.

The Thebans listened instead to Demosthenes and to their own instinct of self-preservation. After all, it was Philip who created the powerful Macedonian army and turned Macedonia into a strong nation in arms. OlympiasOlympias, portrait on a medallion.

Some time after the alleged rape, while Attalus was already in Asia fighting the Persians, he put his plan in action. In Asia the Macedonian commanders who served Alexander fought each other for power. However, after conquering Amphipolis, Philip kept both cities Ancient Macedonian army and Government of Macedonia ancient kingdom Using diplomacy, Philip pushed back the Paionians and Thracians promising tributes, and crushed the 3, Athenian hoplites By after defeating the Thracians in series of battles, most of Thrace was firmly in Macedonian hands save the most eastern Greek coastal cities of Byzantium and Perinthus who successfully withstand the long and difficult sieges.

The votes of the Thessalians and their clients gave him a control of its council, which could be used on occasion for political and diplomatic ends. The great Athenian orator Demosthenesalready in BC delivered the first of his Philippics, a series of speeches warning the Greeks about the Macedonian menace to Greek liberty.

The Macedonian king seems not to prepare the ground for a the future Macedonian king to remain of pure Macedonian blood, just like his ancestors. Attalus took his revenge by inviting Pausanias to dinner, getting him drunk, then subjecting him to sexual assault.

The great Macedonian conqueror was dead, the men who liberated his country from foreign occupation and brought if from the edge of the abyss into a world power during his reign from to BC.

Conquest of Greece Philip spent the following months in Macedonia recovering from the injury, but there was no time to relax. Philip intended to involve all the Greeks with the Persian war.

Even before the peace with Athens was ratifiedthe Athenian publicist Isocrates was inviting Philip to reconcile the four leading cities of Greece and to lead a united Greek alliance in a war of expansion against Persia.

The Illyrians prepared to close in; the Paeonians were raiding from the north, and two claimants to the throne were supported by foreign powers. In the various peace treaties with the Greek states, Thebes had to admit a Macedonian garrison, and its democratic constitution was replaced Phillip ii of macedon essay a pro-Macedonian government; but Athens suffered neither invasion of its territory nor interference with its democracy and was not disarmed by dismantling of the walls or surrender of the navy.

However, this did not prevent him from marching against the Illyrians in and crushing them in a ferocious battle in which some 7, Illyrians died Philip began another siege in of the city of Byzantium.

Undoubtedly he drank too much and too often, with the saving grace that he was known to listen to home truths even when drunk. The first day of the celebrations the guests saw a lavish entertained of every sort.

Having married 6 times before all non-Macedonian women save Philahe now married Cleopatra, a Macedonian girl from of high nobility.

This meteor fizzled out. Philip came to the throne suddenly and unexpectedly inwhen Perdiccas was killed meeting an Illyrian invasion. His only great defeat in the field came in Thessaly inowing it seems to overconfidence and failure of reconnaissance.

The apparently untidy record of his campaigns into Illyria or Thrace and of his interventions with diplomacy or arms or both in Thessaly, Euboeaand the Peloponnese, which might suggest that repetition is a sign of incompetence, seem better interpreted as the work of a strategist operating always on several fronts, often preferring diplomacy to war, limited objectives to the grandiose, the smaller risks to the greatest; especially never forgetting that there is always another day.

The declaration of war by Athens in enabled him to raise the two sieges without undue loss of face, though he had failed to establish a threat to the Athenian grain route to southern Russia.

As a commander in the field he was unwearying, and in action he fought like a lion; in the end he was really disfigured with old wounds. Philip stood up, drew his sward, and charged at Alexander, only to trip and fall on his face in his drunken stupor at which Alexander shouted: In the spring of the Macedonians clashed with the Scythians near Danube, who had recently crossed the river with large army.Philip of Macedon Philip II of Macedon Biography ( - BC) King of Macedonia and Conqueror of Illyria, Thrace, and Greece Macedonia is an ancient kingdom located in south-eastern Europe, north of Greece, west of Thrace, and east of Illyria.

Phillip II Of Macedon

Phillip II Of Macedon Phillip II of Macedon Need essay sample on Phillip II Of Macedon?We will write a. Philip II was the colossus of Europe and leader of resurgent Roman Catholicism.

Philip II of Macedon

His kingdom was strong: Spanish troops were the best in Europe, Spain itself had been carved out of territory held by the infidel and still retained its. Philip II, byname Philip of Macedon, (born bce —diedAegae [now Vergina, Greece]), 18th king of Macedonia (– bce), who restored internal peace to his country and by had gained domination over all of Greece by military and diplomatic means, thus laying the foundations for its expansion under his son Alexander III the.

Sunny Ghanshani portrayed Philip II of Macedon in Siddharth Kumar Tewary's series Porus. Games [ edit ] Hegemony Gold: Wars of Ancient Greece is a PC strategy game that follows the campaigns of Philip II in Greece.

The Comparison of who better deserves the title of “The Great” Phillip II or Alexander Ashlee Rioux HIST Dr. Paul Baxa 12/9/ Intro: The common definition for the term “great” consists of being considerably above average or above normal. Normal can mean different things to different cultures and societies.

Phillip ii of macedon essay
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