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He or she would not take the initiative to learn on their own unless it is an assignment. Both active and passive students are interested in passing because they would not want to Passive essay in trouble, and they would want to succeed in life.

This is brought about by the nature of their genes, or because of the environment where they grow in. A passive student will do as much as possible to avoid the attention of their teachers or peers.

A passive learner is not actively involved in class activities. The passive learner usually takes a backseat in most discussions or activities that they have to take part in. A passive student on the other hand is most likely to be absorbed in his or her own thoughts, Passive essay a lot of care for what is happening in class.

Teachers usually Passive essay two distinct types of learners in their classes; active students and passive students. More essays like this: An active learner usually wants to lead others and is passionate and creative when it comes to their studies. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

An active student usually seeks the attention and approval of their teachers and peers. Friends and families can also greatly influence the nature of a student in learning.

In extreme cases, a passive learner might be unwilling to learn. He or she is anti-social and will hesitate to express himself or herself in front many people. This is because such a learner wants to be appreciated for his or her efforts.

In conclusion, active learners usually take the initiative to what they are supposed to do in order top learn new things and to pass in their exams while passive learners only do what is expected of them when they are asked. An active learner will do their assignments, and probably hand in their assignments before the deadline while a passive learner will reluctantly do, and probably hand in their assignments a short while before the deadline or after the deadline for submission has passed McWhorter, Most passive learners have to be pushed in order to participate in learning activities.

Teachers should be able to know the differences between the two groups of students, so that they can know how to deal with them in class, and how to help both groups succeed academically and in their personal lives as well.

An active learner is actively involved in class activities and participates in answering questions, discussions and competitions. An active student is usually willing to learn and actively participates in classroom activities.

A passive learner usually waits to be told what to cover and learn.

An active learner is usually a self starter and usually reads ahead so as to get a better understanding of what they are being taught Petty, There become two different types of students, passive students and active students.

Well what makes the student different is its Attitude, the amount of energy he or she put into classes, and the quality of work determines the type of student he or she is.

Passive and Active Sentences

In a sense, the English passive is "inflexible" when compared to the passive formation of other languages. For example, some languages use word order, verb inflections, and impersonal constructions to form the passive voice.

Luckily for me, they didn't call my name. You must clean the wall before you paint it. They told the new pupil where to sit.

Active and passive student Essay Sample

I knew that they had told him of the meeting. Differentiating between active voice and passive voice. If the subject of the sentence is the doer of the action, the verb is said to be in the active voice. Meanwhile, if the subject is the target – or the undergoes – of the action, the verb is said to be in the passive voice.

Paul ate the whole pizza. Active and passive student Essay Sample. Active and Passive Student. Comparison between active & passive learners (block method) All students cannot be the same. The passive voice entails more than just using a being verb.

Using “to be” can weaken the impact of your writing, but it is occasionally necessary .

Passive essay
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