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To reduce our carbon footprint The ethical driver is to increase the amount we recycle to support sustainable production and consumption and for the good of our planet and future generations.

An ethical, financial and compliant solution. Pooja Metal can offer industry-specific advice, helping you comply with legislation, and assist you to set environmental targets for your company, then reach those targets. The large scale of our operations means we have the ability to carry out a number of different operations, which pertain to different stages of the handling of scrap paper in the country.

Paper: Cardboard Scrap Buyers from united arab emirates!

Pooja metal has installed a production and reprocessing capacity of over Metric Tons per annum. Our processes ensure that international standards are complied with and innovative methods are used and proliferated for an environment-friendly set or practices to be implemented.

Also, virgin resources are finite and will run out and landfilling waste is not a sustainable long term solution. We can also reduce your waste disposal costs through our wider industry contacts.

We also buy and sell items related but different from paper itself, like tissue paper, which we supply and collect in used form. In addition, legislation is becoming increasingly stringent and more demanding, with higher targets and higher fines.

In this way, we serve a number of establishments, which obviously need the extra room for storage or stocking purposes, which could be for inventory or other activities that require space at the office in question.

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After the scrap is collected in the warehouse, we match these with requests for users of scrap paper all over UAE and the world, and then supply and ship the scrap in any quantity required.

You might need the most cost-effective. Even though the general current sentiment in this market is that buyers are at an advantage, overtime this may subside and the worldwide price of used newspapers could see a jumpstart in prices.

Firstly, we get in touch with our partners in Dubai to be able to collect scrap paper directly from them, including their offices or plants. We collect, buy and sell used newspapers and our vision provides that we must waste as little as possible.

Please get in touch with us if your home or business needs require assistance from a news paper buyer or seller.

Waste Paper in UAE

Pooja Metal can make you more profitable Pooja Metal can turn your scrap metal into revenue and provide a regular income stream. We form an integral link between the scrap collectors, processors, recyclers, and manufacturing industries; thus completing the circle of Recycling.

Our company is a scrap buyer in Dubai as well, and we work with schools and other such academic establishments to collect their paper scrap and supply it so it can be used further by either other industries or processed to make a finished product.

You might be looking for the most environmentally friendly solution for your scrap metal.UAE Waste Paper from Arabic Manufacturers and Exporters - UAE B2B Marketplace providing Waste Paper Offers and Catalogs from.

Qaamil is a professional Non-ferrous scrap and paper scrap trading company based in UAE. We mainly buy and supply Paper Recycling Scrap, >> P.O.

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Box No,P1-Hamriyah business centre. LATEST NEWS & EVENTS: Lucky Group cricket team is participating at the ICC Academy Challengers Cup Indoor Tournament taking place in Dubai from Jan Feb 18, at the ICC.

Scrap Plastics Plastics are already one of the most common parts of the waste stream. Bottles, plastic bags, containers, product wraps (a.k.a. “plastic film”) and other plastic materials can be recovered and recycled.

Metal scrap buyer Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Sharjah, We buy all kinds of industrial metal scrap such as iron, steel, copper, aluminum, brass, plastics call us at + Paper Recycling Companies Directory,Suppliers,Paper Recycling Buyers, Importers and Exporters Recycling.

Waste & Recycling Companies in United States,Canada,Europe and India WE ARE BUSINESS FROM LAST 40 YEARS AND PAPER SCRAP IMPORT IS ONE OF OUR NEW PROJECT. WE ARE VERY.

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Paper scrap buyers in dubai
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