Literature review on consumer behavior of purchasing of car

Lastly, aversive consequences can be described as the costs of consuming; having to wait in line, not being able to buy alternative products, relinquishing money, etc. Utilitarian reinforcement refers to the satisfaction consumers perceive when buying, owing and consuming economic goods. This phenomenon is particularly essential for Dixons consumers to highly involve, and engage in extensive research about the product category and make a good purchase decision about the firm own manufacturing products, in case they invent a new technology electronics products or audio-video equipment that is too expensive.

When the opportunity to behave emerges the consumer has two choices, either he stays loyal to his buying pattern, or, the consumer changes his pattern based on a variable presented by the current behaviour setting.

However, some believed that if the consumer persistently purchasing the same product repeatedly, it becomes habit and their mindsets and perceptions changes overtime about the brand and the provider Cohen and Manion, In terms of expensive and infrequent purchase, consumer also undergoes reducing dissonancy behaviour.

Foxall argues that just as in radical behaviourism and teleological behaviourism, the consumer tries to maximize the totality of reinforcement available to him, both informational as utilitarian reinforcement. Also, there are several factors that can influence consumer to select which product they will use for provide their needs, such as; 1.

It implies that consumer do not have to bother to retrieved information about the available products and brands in the market.

The dilemma consumers face is a conflict between informational reinforcement maximizing the price and utilitarian reinforcement ensure an acceptable level of quality.

A number of cues are studied in many researches. Teleological behaviourism helps to understand why consumers only consider only a few brands out of all the brands they can choose from when making a buying decision Foxall, According to Kotlerconsumer use store and product attribute varies among consumers.

Kotler pointed out that the consumer buying process is the sum total of alternative, purchase decision, and purchase evaluation. The diagram below gives a brief explanation of consumer decision making process. Good attitude towards the product might move to a purchase decision. To get a well coherent result, organisations normally looked at these behaviour base their analysis on difference conceptions; whether customers buying behaviour were measured from different perspectives, such as product quality and better service, lower price structured etc Papanastassiu and Rouhani, Different theories and researchers have claimed that when organisation fully meet all aspects of its customer needs, the result enhances their profitability Chaudhuri,and also enable them to develop a better tackling strategies for consumer Asseal, The benefits of the long-term choice are always greater than the benefits of the short-term choice, to make a rational decision in which the total rewards obtained is the greatest is a matter bringing imagining the long-term rewards forward in time.

This is a typical situation where the consumer prefers a poorer pay-off which might be temporarily because it is available sooner, than a better long-term pay-off, which would be better for the consumer.

To get in-depth understanding consumer behaviour concepts will gives us an idea on how its plays significance role in our life and in the whole trend of business profit to various firms which will allow the researcher to get the analysis and determine product positioning, develop the message and targeting strategy in order to reach to the market Holskins J, Many studies have been performed including the above mentioned with regard to consumer behaviourism.

However, seldom such a trade-off between short-term smaller sooner and longterm larger later is isolated from other choice conflicts Foxall, Hence, making a sum fits into doing homework, which fits into taking the math class, which fits into studying, which in turn fits into providing yourself with a good future.

It means that there must be more that one alternative choice whenever a customer is making a decision. The evaluation process is particularly helpful in influencing customers, particularly, when customers are familiar with the desire product, their purchase behaviour tends to be quite small, consisting on average between three and five brands Schiffman et al.

Of course the informational reinforcement outcome is not applicable to every product that can be bought, as one will not obtain any social status from buying nails for example, on the other hand, people are often judged by the car they drive, making cars an excellent example of the informational reinforcement.

Dawar and Parker depicted that cues assist consumers to determining the quality of the product when there is a need to reduce the perceived risk of purchase and when consumer involvement is low.

In case of high involvement, consumers distinguish salient differences among the competing brands Kotler, Wong, Saunders, Armstrong, The consumers can now have beliefs about the various brands and choose a brand without much evaluation.

This implies that mental phenomena such as intentions, attitudes as well as pain are all defined as extended patterns of behaviour. As earlier mostly experience can come from a group of family, neighbourhood groups, work and community. In this high technology world, consumer switches their brands not because of dissatisfaction but because of that enormous trend of technological equipment Aaker, This kind of buying behaviours demand consumer to highly involve within the process.

Hedonism or pleasure purchases refer to the consumption of popular entertainment. Consumer decisions making can sometimes be confusing and relate to many ideas and beliefs. In some cases, consumers may be willing to accept high prices for electronically products if the quality of the product is perceived to be of high quality.

Possibly, the most challenging concept in marketing deals with the understanding why buyers do what they do and what method or philosophy are they using to evaluate the product after the transactions and what might be the effect on future transaction Schiffman, Schiffman and Kanuk depicted that decision is the selection of an action from two or more alternative choices.

Additionally, consumer may easily switch from PCWorld to Currys i. It does so by acknowledging the conflict consumers can face between utilitarian reinforcement and informational reinforcement.

Habitual Buying Behaviour Contrariwise, in this type of buying behaviour consumers have lesser levels of involvements. An outcome of the evaluation is either the performance that matches expectations, that performance which exceeds expectations or that the performance below expectations.

The usual consumer strategy is to:CAR MARKET AND BUYING BEHAVIOR-A STUDY OF CONSUMER PERCEPTION This research will be helpful for the new car entrant companies in India to find out the possible gaps between the customer.

Literature Review Service; Other Services; Marking Services; Review Of The Literature Consumer Buying Behavior Business Essay. Print Reference this. situation and product – oriented model in the study of the purchasing behavior of the consumer.

Moreover according to Wells () the consumer investigating decisions needed in. Thai Consumer Behavior on Brand-New Car Purchasing: Influential Factors and Decision Making - POS Approach the results provide insight on Thai consumer behavior on brand-new car purchasing.

Since there are limited studies on consumer The following sections present the related literature review, methodology and data collection.

Introduction Literature review provides a theoretical framework of this research. It critically analyses the research topic and is the key p. REVIEW OF LITERATURE T Consumer Behavior by Karunik and Schiffman: The book highlights dynamic This segmentation should then be enriched with insight into purchasing and channel preferences.

The various researches are reviewed for the purpose of designing. Consumer Behavior Towards Passengers Cars - various factor influence consumer behavior. An extensive review of literature reveals age and life style.

The most important factor that influences the consumer to use passenger car is the price of the cars, social status and durability.

Literature review on consumer behavior of purchasing of car
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