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Or again, if there had been no substance of things nor place and space, in which all things are carried on, never would the flame of love have been fired by the beauty of Tyndaris,But 1. This terror then, this darkness of the mind, must needs be scattered not by the rays of the sun and the gleaming shafts of day, but by the outer view and the inner law of nature; whose first rule shall take its start for us from Edition: The existence of invisible particles is supported by other invisible bodies.

First men might arise from the sea, and from the land the race of scaly creatures, and birds burst forth from the sky; cattle and other herds, and all the tribe of wild beasts, with no fixed law of birth, would haunt tilth and desert.

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Do thou, goddess, as he leans resting on thy sacred limbs, bend to embrace him and pour forth sweet petition from thy lips, seeking, great lady, gentle peace for the Romans. For of the most high law of the heaven and the gods I will set out to tell you, and I will reveal the first-beginnings of things, from which nature creates all things, and increases and fosters them, and into which nature too dissolves them again at their perishing: I long that thou shouldest be my Edition: Fear forsooth so constrains all mortal men, because they behold many things come to pass on earth and in the sky, the cause of whose working they can by no means see, and think that a divine power brings them about.

But of this it is well seen that nothing comes to pass, since all things grow slowly, as is natural, from a fixed seed, and as they grow preserve their kind: Therefore, when we have seen that nothing can be created out of nothing, then more rightly after that shall we discern that for which we search, both whence each thing can be created, and in what way all things come to be without the aid of gods.

Nor could it avail the luckless maid at such a time that she first had given the name of father to the king. There is no third nature.

And it must be avowed that no man feels time by itself apart from the motion or quiet rest of things. For all things that have a name, you will find either properties linked to these two things or you will see them to be their accidents.

Wherefore, however long you hang back with much objection, you must needs confess at last that there is void in things.

But these light footprints are enough for a keen mind: Herein lest that which some vainly imagine n should avail to lead you astray from the truth, I am constrained to forestall it.

The growth of knowledge. Void and body are mutually exclusive. Therefore, we must confess that nothing can be brought to being out of nothing, inasmuch as it needs a seed for things, from which each may be produced and brought forth into the gentle breezes of the air.

So that you may see clearly that all events from first to last do not exist, and are not by themselves like body, nor can they be spoken of in the same way as the being Edition: The fear of death and its cure.

The evidence of Decay. Wherefore again and again there are unseen bodies of wind, Edition: First, since we have found existing a twofold nature of things far differing, the nature of body and of space, in which all things take place, it must needs be that each exists alone by itself and unmixed.

Nay indeed, how many a dream may they even now conjure up before you, which might avail to overthrow your schemes of life, and confound in fear all your fortunes. Yet never has it been seen in what way the moisture of the water has sunk into them, nor again in what way it has fled before the heat.

Once more, garments hung up upon the shore, where the waves break, grow damp, and again spread in the sun they dry.

False idea of the condensation of Lapides essay contest But now, to weave again at the web, which is the task of my discourse, all nature then, as it is of itself, is built of these two things: Now the true first-beginnings of things, no force can quench; for they by their solid body prevail in the end.

In very truth this is all believed on false reasoning. There is then a void, mere space untouchable and empty. So true is it that in things there is seen to be nothing solid.

Nor does it pass unnoticed of my mind that it is a hard task in Latin verses to set clearly in the light the dark discoveries of the Greeks, above all when many things must be treated in new words, because of the poverty of our tongue and the newness of the themes; yet your merit and the pleasure of your sweet friendship, for which I hope, urge me to bear the burden of any toil, and lead me on to watch through the calm nights, searching by what words, yea and in what measures, I may avail to spread before your mind a bright light, whereby you may see to the heart of hidden things.

But as it is, because the fastenings of the firstelements are variously put together, and their substance is everlasting, things endure with body unharmed, until there meets them a force proved strong enough to overcome the texture of each. For in truth a touch would be cause enough of death, seeing that none of these things would be of everlasting body, whose texture any kind of force would be bound to break asunder.

For if things came to being from nothing, every kind might be born from all things, nought would need a seed. Thou, goddess, thou dost turn to flight the winds and the clouds of heaven, thou at thy coming; for thee earth, the quaint artificer, puts forth her sweet-scented flowers; for thee the levels of ocean smile, and the sky, its anger past, gleams with spreading light.

In rocky caverns the liquid moisture of water trickles through, and all weeps with copious dripping: But if it is not to be touched, inasmuch as it cannot on any side check anything from wandering through it and passing on its way, in truth it will be that which we call empty void.

Bodies, moreover, are in part the first-beginnings of things, in part those which are created by the union of first-beginnings. But as it is, because all things are put together of everlasting seeds, until some force has met them to batter things asunder with its blow, or to make its way inward through the empty voids and break things up, nature suffers not the destruction of anything to be seen.

Moreover, since there is void in Edition: Body is that which distinguishes the full from the void.Dr. Gonzalez is an internationally-recognized expert in surgical therapies for BPH, including GreenLight laser vaporization of the prostate. He has been invited to teach the operation throughout the U.S.

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