Injustice in nigeria

To many of this inclination, being gay is as tied to their person as their tribe. Even before she can begin explaining the procedure, the lawyers announce that the parties have come to an agreement themselves: A crying woman consoles another one who lost her husband during clashes between cattle herders and farmers, on January 11, Hence, the position of this article is that the LUA should be repealed without further delay.

Heinze has even gone as far as to argue that an increase in justice can actually cause an increase in injustice. In addition, the police prefer to file all charges with the magistrate courts because the process is less cumbersome.

Although customs varied from place to place, studies have shown that some common legal principles are discernible. Nigeria is already grappling with a decade-long Boko Haram insurgency, which has killed thousands of people and displaced millions internally.

Crime, Violence And Social Injustice In Nigeria: An Interplay By Rotimi Ogungbola

But because magistrate courts are meant to deal only with misdemeanors or lesser crimes, magistrates hand the prisoner back to the police. The nature of injustice in the Nigerian public space is such that it has been dished around to different groups at different times.

A new type of justice for Nigeria

It is a harbinger of the big apologies Injustice in nigeria must be traded across the divides by both the oppressor and the victim. It is important to note that if any member had any complaint against another member or a stranger, particularly as it relates to farmland the people are traditionally subsistence farmers and fishermen he brought it before the Headman who looked into the matter and settled it.

A source claims that state governors now feel communities are no longer entitled to compensation as of right since they no longer own any land.

It was incredible to see how many cases LMDC managed to settle. For the past three years, the school director and the farmer have been embroiled in a seemingly endless court case.

As Amnesty International has summed up: And my thesis is that injustice is here to stay because primordial considerations of clan and religion colour our judgment of right and wrong, justice and injustice.

Section recommends seven-year imprisonment, while section recommends 14 years, depending on the nature of extortion. Kidnapping on the rise Today, kidnappings are on the increase because of injustices like this.

He wrote articles and speeches on the subject, but also established an ADR department in his law firm and sent countless propositions to the Lagos judiciary to set up a Multi-Door Courthouse.

The late Bola Ige was assassinated while in office and not the fact of his exalted position or that of his wife could get the family and the state justice. Besides being an economic impediment, delayed justice has even graver effects in criminal law, Aina says.

They have all been arrested and thrown in jail over the issue several times. Few weeks ago, I tweeted about an incident that occurred in Abuja and Owerri. Meanwhile, the police have already extorted N9, from the widow who barely earns approximately N50, per annum.

As has been seen above, the mischief of the customary land tenure system which was sought to be reformed lies in the difficulties in land acquisition for developmental purposes. Some of us point out that we have bigger problems. One unique aspect of Nigerian law can be found in its law of property.

For instance, they are alleged to kill suspected armed robbers in cold blood because they are said to fear that the robbers might escape, come back and take vengeance on them.

Homosexuality and the injustice of Nigeria

Oyejide, where the judge expressed the following view: Perhaps the full amplitude of injustice which the LUA is visiting on the Niger Delta people would be better appreciated if the following facts are considered:The Height of Injustice In Nigeria Bishop David Oyedepo Cried Out New Dawn TV The Height of Injustice In #Nigeria Bishop David #Fulani Herdsmen Terrorizing The People of Benue in Nigeria.

My thoughts on the nature of injustice in the Nigerian socio-political space have been rudely pre-empted by the storm over Chinua Achebe’s latest book, There Was a Country. If anything, the. Injustice is a quality relating to unfairness or undeserved outcomes.

The term may be applied in reference to a particular event or situation, or to a larger status quo.


In Western philosophy and jurisprudence, injustice is very commonly—but not always—defined as either the absence or the opposite of justice. Say No to Injustice Nigeria. likes. cruelty and oppression it is everybody's business to interfere when they see it.

The United Kingdom prepares to repatriate Nigerial prisoners to a country whose justice system appears to be riddled with injustice Jails in the United Kingdom are overflowing and part of the reason is the presence of 11, foreign criminals, of whom are Nigerians.

To help decongest its prison. All areas of controversy in Nigeria are tied to our expressions of nationhood, republicanism and democratic norms and it would be impossible to tackle issues themselves without branching into those.

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Injustice in nigeria
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