Federalism in the philippines negative side for debate

May not satisfy separatists in Mindanao. One of her campaign promises was to reform the Constitution. Inequality and corruption lead to economic backwardness, which in turn breeds the desire for secession or breaking away from the mother country. InPimentel Jr and Bacolod City Representative Monico Puentevella filed joint resolutions to convene Congress into a constituent assembly with the goal of amending the constitution to establish a federal form of government.

In basic terms, it will break the country into autonomous regions with a national government focused only on interests with nationwide bearing: Separatists are calling for their own country, not just a state that still belongs to a larger federal Philippines. It would entail billions of pesos to set up state governments and the delivery of state services.

Federalism is concerned with the sharing of sovereignty. These states will have more power over their finances, development plans, and laws exclusive to ther jurisdiction. This sharing of sovereignty or powers can mean that in a federal setup, the federal government has the final say on matters such as monetary policy, national defense, and foreign relations, whilst the regional or state governments have the last word on areas such as agriculture, education, health, among others.

Professor Maria Ela Atienza, also of UP Diliman Department of Political Science, echoes this, adding that Duterte is also motivated by the desire for peace, especially among the varied ethnolinguistic and religious groups in Mindanao: This resolution sought to adopt federalism as the new form of government, through charter change.

This is unlike the current unitary setup in the Philippines.

Federalism: A go or a no?

Even after that he would need to have his proposal ratified by all voters in a referendum. Right now, local government units can only collect real estate tax and business permit fees.

Devolution Although the government currently maintains a unitary structure, it still allows the devolution of power through the Local Government Code of Lessens dependence on Metro Manila.

A proposed Equalization Fund will use a portion of tax from rich states to be given to poorer states. Federalism, with its premise that would-be regional governments could take greater, even absolute, control of their affairs, promises two things that are especially relevant to Mindanao: Not so fast though.

Another concern is how federalism will affect the many political dynasties at the local level. Although both of them are concerned with somehow making governance easier by distributing responsibilities among different levels of government, federalism gives more autonomy to governments immediately below the central federal government, while devolution allows the central government to still have considerable control while freeing itself from the more hands-on responsibilities.

Problems should be attended to at the lowest level in which they can be solved, by the people directly concerned, without elevating the problems for decision at higher levels.

Regions have their own unique problems, situations, geographic, cultural, social and economic contexts. Presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte, and vice presidential bets Alan Peter Cayetano his running mate and Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr, in particular, have been championing it.

Public Administration and Governance Prof. The state of Mimaropa, home to Palawan, can choose to use eco-tourism as its primary launch pad. Decongestion of Metro Manila.

Will federalism address PH woes? Pros and cons of making the shift

In a unitary setup, the final say on all government matters emanate from one central government. Brings government closer to the people. The central government and states can also share certain powers. Check out the official election results through the link below: Some states may not be as rich in natural resources or skilled labor as others.

How the Philippines would look when federal In some proposals, there will be 10 or 11 autonomous states. Where does the responsibility of state governments end and where does the responsibility of the national government begin?

The chicken or the egg? With most administrative powers now with the regional governments, the national government can focus on foreign policy, defense, and other nationwide concerns, like healthcare and taxation.

Some states may not be as ready for autonomy as others. But although our country is unitary, its central government delegates some powers and functions to legally recognized lower levels of government.

Brillantes and Moscare said under the code, it is the responsibility of local governments to deliver basic services and exercise authority over local issues.

States will then have to spend for the elections of their officials. Assuming more autonomy for regions leads to economic development, there will be more incentive for Filipinos to live and work in regions outside Metro Manila.

The state of Central Luzon can focus on becoming an agricultural hub. Healthy competition among states can become alienating β€” creating rivalries and promoting the regionalism that some say already challenges the sense of unity in the country.The UP sa Halalan website is the collaboration of the University of the Philippines, ABS-CBN Corporation, GMA Network and TV5.

This project seeks to promote clean, honest and empowering elections. Federalism: A go or a no? β€œIt is about time that this issue is put to a serious national debate.”.

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Federalism in the Philippines. Uploaded by. Mabelle Esconde Acosta. This paper by Ronald J- Debate on mi-centre.com Uploaded by. Erin Gamer. More From Reinier Jeffrey Abdon.5/5(3). Will federalism address PH woes? Pros and cons of making the shift. How the Philippines would look when federal.

Attempts at federalism in PH. Federalism in the Philippines (Affirmative Side for Debate) Public Speaking AB Political Science am/MWF Education A pleasant morning to everyone, I am, AB Political Science. I am here in front of you to discuss about the value and importance of education. Federalism in the Philippines (Affirmative Side for Debate) Federalism in the Philippines (Affirmative Side for Debate) Words Jul 23rd, 10 Pages.

LACAP, EDWARD B. NN – 1:OOPM Many of us are still struggling in the dancing discords of this nation. The negative.

Federalism in the philippines negative side for debate
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