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While HV systems predictably require a larger capital investment than either a NV or mechanical HVAC system, the cost savings of an HV system over its lifetime could conceivably more than pay back the initial investment. Efficient motors and variable-speed motor drives for the compressor and auxiliary fans and pumps provide efficient low-load operation.

However, further research needs to address significant material and production obstacles before commercially available NFRCs are widely used in architectural and civil works.

The goal of the proposed study is to explore effectiveness of LEED certified design strategies in hospitals and assess how green hospital building attributes affect occupant satisfaction and performance. Thermal storage in building mass promotes night cooling, when outdoor conditions allow lower condensing temperatures.

The end goals is to be able to compare one home to another in a neighborhood and provide recommendations as to which homes should be targeted for retrofit and the most effective means by which to improve their envelopes.


How do we do this better. A first principles heat transfer model has been developed for each of the roof technologies, with particular care for green roof heat and mass transfer.

In this way it is possible to gather important information regarding the health of a structure during construction and during its lifetime from a remote location. The concept of "environmental" in these programs is quite broad and can encompass aspects of the natural, built, work, or social environments.

The significant weight savings and the ease and low cost of the raw constituent materials have made NFRCs an attractive alternative material to glass and carbon fiber reinforced polymer composites.

Electric Metering and Diagnostics Principal investigators: Okay, now the bad news. Shallow retrofits involve the quickest and least expensive improvements often including reducing infiltration around windows, under doors, etc and blowing more insulation into the attic.

Optimum operational strategy and design optimization in a polygeneration energy system. Lack of data regarding building apertures precluded the use of the model for control purposes.

This promotion is in the service of establishing a sustainable process of continual slum-improvement after the work of this project has been completed.

Buildings equipped with snow melting or indoor pools: The management of the transfer of heat through an exterior wall is an important aspect of the thermal performance of that envelope; one that is substantially compromised by air infiltration and exfiltration.

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Ellann Cohen Buildings consume too much energy. The modeling, development, and validation of an optical concentrating system. The algorithm minimizes energy consumption subject to the constraint that indoor temperatures satisfy comfort requirements. In summer the Environmental Design Library was relocated to the fifth floor of the Moffitt Undergraduate Library while Wurster Hall was seismically retrofitted and the Library space was remodeled.

For my thesis, I am working on the development of a new, easily installable, inexpensive and thin insulation.A Thesis Presented by Jacob Alexander Littman Submitted to the Department of Art, Architecture and Art History “beyond sustainable” or regenerative.

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A building is a static entity devoid of en vironmental integration, leading to a linear model of consumption and waste as depicted in. sustainable architecture.


An argument is made for the justification of the need for a sustainable architectural aesthetic over the continuation of the current sustainability paradigm.

The various factors that influence the development of a sustainable. Titles for an Architecture dissertation; Zoology PhD thesis prompts; Social media dissertation topics; If you are writing your dissertation on renewable energy, here are 15 interesting topics that you may want to consider: Development processes for self-sustainable housing utilizing a renewable energy source.

Perception and implementation of sustainable/ green design in India Part of theEnvironmental Design Commons, and theInterior Architecture Commons This Open Access Thesis is brought to you for free and open access by the Master's Theses, and Doctoral Dissertations, and Graduate Capstone Projects.

The Environmental Design Library is one of the premier architecture, landscape architecture, Sustainable Design Resources. Thesis and Dissertation Research. UC Berkeley Campus Research.

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More resources Key databases. Avery Index. Dissertation Projects. The excerpts included in this compilation are from a selection of recent Dissertations illustrating the climatic, typological and thematic diversity of projects undertaken for the Master of Science and Master of Architecture in Sustainable Environmental Design.

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Dissertation on sustainable architecture
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