Debate narendra modi shuld be the

So again, a stepping up of the efforts.

Narendra Modi shuld be the next PM of india

You would be aware of the recent violence against women and minor girls ,manmohan singh had promised to establish fast track courts for such cases and the most disgusting was the one which happened in Delhi Debate narendra modi shuld be the the month of january,where a girl was raped in a bus by five men and this case is still in the trial period can you tell the reason for this and for this the upa govt is to be blamed.

There was no revolutionary change in policy environment, and it did finally lose elections into be succeeded by Congress. Since he recently held a fast to protest the washout of the Parliament session, accepting the challenge will be an opportunity to set the record straight and respond to the rising criticism against his government.

Congress is now virtually daring them to withdraw their support from the government. In this corruption scandal worth Rs. The rules of the debate can be formulated by a panel comprising eminent intellectuals selected by the two leaders or their representatives.

The Telgi clearly had a lot of support from government departments that were responsible for the production and sale of high security stamps.

Furthermore, crop losses alone are estimated at Rs 20, crore; roads, airports and housing infrastructure have all been badly damaged. Tax revenue will take a hit as businesses are shut, and consumption demand will be practically insignificant in the upcoming festive season. In post independence period, there was a succession of committed chief ministers, like Morarji Desai, Madhav Rao Solanki, Keshubhai Patel and others, who have all scripted continuous development.

Modi can do that. In the Commonwealth games scandal, Suresh Kalmadi was arrested. I can go on and on, but the point is yes, there have been scams, but Congress is addressing those.

Gujarat is one of the few regions of the world which has an unbroken history of entrpreneurship, botrh in production and trade.

The Bofors scandal is known as the hallmark of Indian corruption. Prime MinisterManmohan Singh stated that he was willing to be investigated by concerned authorities when the opposition raised the cry for the first time. UPA has been doing a lot of good for India.

Kangana Ranaut: Narendra Modi should be India's PM for another 5 years

As disappointed citizens watch session after session being washed out without important matters such as price rise, rising intolerance, unemployment and so many more pertinent issues being discussed, a public debate will certainly return some sense of sanity to our public discourse.

The cases pending against him are being heard right now. In the 2G spectrum case, for example, all licences given out during the tenure of A Raja were quashed. Delivering a speech at the launch of the Save the Constitution campaign, Congress president Rahul Gandhi challenged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to have a minute debate with him.

The tentacles of the fake stamp and stamp paper case had penetrated 12 states and was estimated at a whooping Rs. The writers are solely responsible for any claims arising out of the contents of this article.

This is apart from the fact that electing an radical hindu nationalist like Modi as the prime minister would alienate myriad of the religious groups, something that spells doom for a large diverse country like India.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Should Be Crowned The King Of Sarcasm! Here’s Why

CongressBJPRahul Gandhi dares ModiNarendra Modi The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of DailyO. From the list of those accused also included Lal Krishna Advani who was then the Leader of Opposition.

Hey this RahulGandhi is now daring me for a 15 minutes talk. Although not corruption scams, these have affected many people. Modi should therefore accept the challenge and engage Rahul in a debate to state his views. I can only do monologues. Can it be exported to other states, like Bihar, and Madhya Pradesh, with weak entrepreneurial spirit too?

Aug 23, I leave it to the voters now. So, what are the numbers so far? If you havent heard of Bihars fodder scam ofyou might still be able to recognize it by the name of Chara Ghotalaas it is popularly known in the vernacular language.

There is no way that the investor community could forget the unfortunate Rs. And this is certainly doable because the Zero Hour evolved without Parliament being explicit about rules and regulations. Modi was a continuation of the trend, not its initiatiator.

Pro I agree with you on some of your points. The Central Vigilance Commission, involved in probing the alleged corruption in various Commonwealth Games-related projects, has found discrepancies in tenders like payment to non-existent parties, will-ful delays in execution of contracts, over-inflated price and bungling in purchase of equipment through tendering and misappropriation of funds.

The Right to Information Act was passed under its governance, that was an important leap in addressing the transparency problem in governance, the Right to education act- that ensure compulsory and free education to all children between years of age the right to an a booming I feel that UPA govt has failed on all fronts,it has not been able to bring womens reservation bill and food security bills, also the total amount held by Indians in Swiss banks fell from Rs 23, crore in to Rs 9, in What IS the Gujarat model?

Modi is an extravagant man.Narendra Modi should get medically tested after Rahul Gandhi's hug: Subramanian Swamy Subramanian Swamy criticised Rahul's unexpected hug to the Prime Minister during the No-Confidence Motion debate in the Lok Sabha, saying that it was unethical and shouldn't happen in the future.

Delivering a speech at the launch of the Save the Constitution campaign, Congress president Rahul Gandhi challenged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to have a minute debate with him.

Why Modi must accept Rahul Gandhi's challenge for a one-on-one debate

Can you. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday called Imran Khan, the apparent Prime Minister-designate of Pakistan, whose PTI party emerged the single-largest in the recently conducted Pakistan elections and is looking to form a government with the aid of other parties and independents.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Calls Pak's PM-designate Imran Khan. Here's The Statement

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Modi did not just let it go there. Receiving applause and cheer from the audience, he went on with his sarcasm. He said "There is a new Grand Stupid Thought; GST.” PM Modi said if all the goods should be taxed at 18%, then you are targeting the poor. Because you will be taxing salt at 18% and that is not something the common man can afford.

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Debate narendra modi shuld be the
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