Cosmetologist career essay

There will always be a demand for cosmetology services, especially since appearance is such an important thing in modern society. That very night I sat down with my husband and we made a plan. Helping people you enjoy. Some people enjoy working in an office where the dull fluorescent lights barely keep them awake.

The classes taken Cosmetologist career essay highly specific to the area of cosmetology being studied. While cosmetology is big business in large, densely populated cities and states, even the smallest towns can have at least one barbershop or salon.

While there may be little difference between what a cosmetologist and a barber have been trained to do, there generally are limitations to which services they can perform.

8 Reasons Why You Should Attend Cosmetology School

The same principles may apply to hair color and skin-care services; sometimes the best look and quality are obtained Cosmetologist career essay a trained stylist or cosmetologist. Others continue to practice with new hair implements and dyes as they come into fashion.

According to the U. I am hardworking and willful, confident of my abilities and skills, so I hope to open my own spa salon some day.

Cosmetology Essay

If you are well-known, you get paid a decent amount of money. Clifton Park, New York: Others like booking appointments with their clients after normal business hours, so they can enjoy the day, doing whatever they please while helping their clients in the evening. Most people who graduate from cosmetology school work in salons.

The more clients you help, the more money you can make. Since there will always be a demand for cosmetics, cosmetology will always be around.

What are the requirements to being a cosmetologist? Soon, multiple parents were asking me for advice and one of them introduced me to her niece, who was a student at Entourage. So, should you pursue a promising career as a licensed cosmetologist?

Learn more about choosing a beauty school. You must be 16 or older to go to a beauty school. Do you have a young child that requires you to be home during the day? Students usually practice with mannequins. The Zeitgeist Every year thousands of people who have a passion for fashion, style and beauty and who enjoy making other people and themselves look amazing and feel appealing enroll in cosmetology schools.

One of those being the customers.

On My Way to Cosmetology School

A cosmetology education provides a person with an opportunity of expanding his or her career by becoming a salon or spa manager or even an owner of such. Cosmetology school is a place for creative, sociable, ambitious and constantly developing individuals.

Why I Chose Cosmetology School

The fact that your own personal schedule has revolve around your work schedule is another con on having your own shop. You could go to either a public or private vocational school, which some high schools offer.

In her salon, they do much more than just hair. Through these connections, I was able to gain employment and am working towards becoming a platform artist for Christian Dior. Working with people you like. You could also go to a beauty school.What are the requirements to being a cosmetologist?All cosmetologists must be licensed to work in the professional field, and a prerequisite for licensure is to graduate from a cosmetology school.

I grew up around family members that would have a career in cosmetology such as hairstylists or hairdressers, and nail technicians. By far, one of my biggest motivation to join this pathway was the memory of my aunt. Attending a cosmetology school can let one build a fun, flexible and very rewarding career.

This job allows flexible working hours, high incomes, guarantee of being employed, plenty of room for professional and personal growth, and acquaintance and experience of interaction with various people. Why I Chose Cosmetology School. From a young age, I was obsessed with beauty.

I used to beg my mother to let me use her lipstick because my “lips were chapped”. I have made lasting friendships and connections that I know will help me to build a solid foundation for my career. Through these connections, I was able to gain employment.

My career will be owning about one or two hair salons. Im going to beauty school and im going to college for business. Next year im going to hotlen. If I go for two years I can get my licerces.

Essay/Term paper: Cosmetology

Which that’s good because I don’t have to go to college for hair. I can just go to college and start my career and become a successful hair dresser. Essay 1 Cosmetology Cosmetology is working with skin, hair and nails.

Which includes things like hair styling, cutting, coloring, shampooing, manicures, waxing, facials, etc. "More than a half a million people work as cosmetologists." (Careers For Woman Without College Degrees ) It is a great profession for people who would like to have a career in the beauty .

Cosmetologist career essay
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