Comparison of jane eyre and romeo and juliet

Both the Capulets and the Montagues are wealthy, powerful families. It would have been unthinkable for a man of his standing to marry someone so far beneath him as the hired help.

Later on in the book, the Red Room becomes a metaphorical authority figure acting upon Jane, as it affects and contributes towards many of her important life decisions.

How do people in love behave in Romeo and Juliet compared to Jane Eyre?

Many of these emotions come as a result of the actions and expectations of authority figures, or the constraints of the social convention of the time, which in both works become metaphorical authority figures over both Jane and Juliet at various points in the storyline.

Romeo is discouraged from marrying Juliet simply she is a Capulet. Comparison — the Use of Colour Imagery: There is physical contact between Jane and Rochester as there is between Romeo and Juliet during their very intimate kisses; however, it is portrayed to have a purely practical purpose when Jane allows Rochester to lean on her whilst he returns to his horse after being injured.

How the Strong Feelings of Jane Eyre and Juliet Are Presented Essay

This proves that the love shared between them is extraordinary as between a normal couple the murder would have definitely sparked some form of conflict between the two. Both couples are separated by social constructs that we would consider silly or archaic today.

The extensive passage describing her time spent in the Red Room also illustrates this point. Dramatic irony is used to build up background tension and drama as throughout the scene only the audience know Romeo and Juliet are from feuding families whilst they are oblivious, and during the conversation the audience are constantly waiting for them to find out that they are romancing with the enemy.

Romeo and Juliet come from different families but both families are in the same social class. Throughout the prologue the audience is made aware vaguely of the various themes the play will accommodate.

Therefore, physical beauty and attraction could be a possible subtle barrier to love at first sight for Jane and Rochester. It permeates multiple speeches and scenes involving many different characters, and is also used as a metaphorical authority figure acting upon the two young lovers, as they are constantly thwarted in all attempts to change their tragic fate.

Throughout the scene Romeo and Juliet appear to have in fact been destined for each other, judging from the nature of their harmonizing words and almost synchronized gestures with one another both physically and verbally.

Shakespeare uses the irony of their situation to make the audience feel sorry for the couple, as all of their attempts to evade the fate actually end up causing it.

The Red Room symbolises many things, including the confinements of the Victorian era for Jane and the introduction of the gothic theme continued throughout the novel. More essays like this: As she begins to explore maturity, when prompted to consider marriage, she is portrayed as young and innocent, only revealing her inner confidence when she meets Romeo at the Capulet Ball intended to be her first meeting of her arranged husband Count Paris.

Comparison — Fate and Destiny: And, lips, O you the doors of breathe; seal with a righteous kiss a dateless bargain to engrossing death. For instance, in the Red Room, Jane says: As a dependant and an orphan, Jane is excluded from her wealthy, upper class family and from early on in the novel demonstrates her preference to solitude.

We are never given the specific reason they dislike each other but this is often the case with feuds. The punctuation used also contributes towards the fast-paced, agitated tone.

Throughout the sonnet we are able to observe how perfectly the protagonists seem to coordinate in passionate and playful interactions, despite the fact that they have only just met.

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Although the experience of separation is similar in both books, the reasons Romeo and Juliet are separated are very different from the reasons Jane and Mr.

The idea of a young couple divided by society is a recurrent theme in literature. Here the audience is yet again reminded of how hate is a barrier to love. JE; The Red Room: The irony lies in how Rochester asks about himself to Jane to test her whilst she remains unaware of the real goal.

However, although there are differences in the presentation, both writers demonstrate the use of similar techniques to deliver their ideas. This is demonstrated by the frequent citations of stars and other celestial bodies. This quotation also continues the theme of morbidity and gothic suspense emphasised in this passage.

Shakespeare uses the character of Paris to reinforce the significance of morals and religion in the play itself, as Juliet is unable to marry Paris whilst she is still married to Romeo due to it being morally wrong and a sin in the eyes of God.Romeo & Juliet Jane Eyre Essay Sample.

In Romeo and Juliet and Jane Eyre we are as the audience presented with an assortment of love difficulties, through the use of a variety of literary devices such as sonnets, dramatic irony and dialogue, used by both William Shakespeare and Charlotte Bronte.

Comparison Of Jane Eyre And Romeo And Juliet In Romeo and Juliet and Jane Eyre we are as the audience presented with an assortment of love difficulties, through the use of a variety of literary devices such as sonnets, dramatic irony and dialogue, used by both William Shakespeare and Charlotte Bronte.

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Romeo & Juliet Jane Eyre Essay Sample

Having to compare the two texts and show the ways that the voices of Jane and Juliet are used to convey their moods and attitudes in Romeo and Juliet and Jane Resolved. The couples in both Romeo and Juliet and Jane Eyre are like two magnets drawn together.

Both couples are in love despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Romeo and Juliet come from feuding. Jane Eyre compare how people in love behave in "romeo and juliet" and "jane eyre".

like the characters in the both text also to define the key terms which "love" and "behaviour". say their similarities and diferences. Feb 28,  · Forget Romeo and Juliet - in my opinion - Jane Eyre is the most romantic story ever told.

This new adaptation is far superior to its predecessors. Toby Steph.

Comparison of jane eyre and romeo and juliet
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