Comp230 wk 4 vbscript ip array

Command-line arguments are data entered at the end of the same command line that runs the script. Here we are using a string constant in double quotes. This is the computer on the left side. Write output of the NameAge. For example the statement: The Console window may be docked on the top, bottom, left or right side of the screen.

You should get the console output shown below. The rest of the WriteLine statement is continued on the next line. We are going to use the PopUpWindow. Without the double quotes, Jane and Doe would be considered two separate command-line arguments. Also remove the closing parentheses from each of these lines.

COMP230 Week 6 Lab VBScript IP File Lab

Note that the value inside the parentheses must be a string value. Note that I have added a line of periods terminated by a space to make the prompts and input values line up.

If you have entered the two arguments, the if statement is bypassed and the argument values are assigned to name args. Make the same changes for the remaining lines.

Add 10 to the CInt converted ageStr value. We will use Write to prompt the user for an input value. Your revised script code for output should be as follows. For longer program runs, docking the console window on the right-hand side is recommended.

COMP230 Week 4 Lab VBScript IP Array Lab

In this lab, students will complete the following objectives. The approach we will use in this program is to concatenate add all of the output into a single string and then output that string with WScript. Change the programmer header of your new program as needed. Bottom line, StdIn and StdOut streams only work for console programs only.

This time the output should appear in a single pop-up window as follows. The following steps are required.Jan 23,  · · The IP address of the third computer in room can be found in the array element or component ipAddress(4,2).

This value is “”. Look at the array carefully to determine the meaning of the index values. Student Name Class Comp Date VBScript IP Array Report In the space provided below, copy and paste your Program Code. If it doesn’t fit, use the next page for the continuation of your sourcecode program In the space provided below to copy and paste the remainder of your sourcecode.

(TCO 4) In VBScript, the array declaration dim data(10) indicates the array data can have a maximum of _____ elements or components 1. (TCO 1) Write the Windows CLI commands that will Clear the screen; Turn off Command echo; and display the current IP address, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway.

View Homework Help - COMP_Wk4 Script from COMP at DeVry University, Chicago. ' VBScript: ' Written by: Andrea Woosley ' Date: 11/22/ ' Class: COMP ' Professor Stanley. The IP Address in Room for computer 4 is The IP Address in Room for computer 1 is The IP Address in Room for computer 2 is COMP W4 IP Array eReport - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.5/5(3).

Comp230 wk 4 vbscript ip array
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