Business plan for community development corporation

And, lastly, our Policy Guide provides an overview of related federal initiatives and programs that can help practitioners leverage resources and increase their impact.

Community Development Corporations (CDCs)

One of the largest CDCs in the U. But this needs to be a face-to-face meeting, so that the people who are interested, or those you would like to attract, can see and interact with each other. Note that we use the MailChimp platform. If necessary, try free food and summer festivals, but also go where they go if you possibly can.

If you contemplate starting a faith-based corporation, see our page on the Christian community development corporation for some tips, regardless of your faith tradition.

Why Develop A Business Plan?

Will there be individual memberships? Here, you can find out more information about those assisting CDCs, including three important intermediaries: It would be great if one more than a third of your board, on up to percent, could be residents of the community in question.

You should probably talk this one over with a real live person unless there is considerable expertise among the prospective board members. In our opinion, the only time to consider a for-profit is when you have a successful entrepreneur or wealthy individual who is basically willing to back the corporation with his or her own money, but would like the privilege of taking profits when an enterprise is successful.

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Overview Community Business plan for community development corporation Corporations CDCs are nonprofit, community-based organizations focused on revitalizing the areas in which they are located, typically low-income, underserved neighborhoods that have experienced significant disinvestment.

This would help with the all-important task of making sure that all board members become familiar with all parts of your geography. Or does it consist mostly of social services that can and will be performed by volunteers?

Although usually it is good to allow anyone interested to attend, you may want to issue specific invitations. However, some are for-profit corporations. While they are most commonly celebrated for developing affordable housing, they are usually involved in a range of initiatives critical to community health such as economic development, sanitation, streetscaping, and neighborhood planning projects, and oftentimes even provide education and social services to neighborhood residents.

Is the vision you are developing expensive, involving construction and redevelopment? For example, the LISC Online Business plan for community development corporation Library is a searchable database through which users can access and download hundreds of publications.

Cleveland Neighborhood Progress has published what they call performance standards for CDCs ; this excellent document would be a great resource as you daydream about what success would look like. Clean ups as described on this site are good first projects.

You really must have found an attorney, whether you hire one or find one to work pro bono that means "free" by this time. Somehow there needs to be time for people to meet each other, reflect, and then decide for sure whether this venture is for them or who they know that could contribute to the effort.

Our Articles and Publications section includes links to a diverse selection of articles, reports, papers, and books focused on community development.

That might be a worship service, the street corner, a game, park, bar, ward meeting, or whatever it takes. To learn more about the most common non-profit status in the U. Our Research Resources section highlights some of the best web-based resources focused on community development.

Is there a need for an advisory board of people who raise money for you, but otherwise are not active in governance?

Similarly, if any holidays are on the horizon, they can be used as an occasion to rally the community to undertake a small beautification project.

In neighborhoods where would-be investors are few and far between, that is a trade-off that could be considered. You do have to file a tax return but it may be less complex than even an individual income tax form. The organizing forum, conference, or series of meetings should conclude with a lively, realistic, and serious discussion of who wants to start a community development corporation.

If your major backer restores a community or a major detriment to the neighborhood, do you really care that much if he or she makes some money, especially if this individual is willing to share decision-making with a community corporation board? All community development approaches are local.

Maybe by now some possible projects seem too ambitious,and instead of doing 10 things, you feel as though the corporation should be more focused.Roseville Community Development Corporation Economic Development and Business Plan Page 3 of 22 I. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Since the development of the Downtown Revitalization strategy in the City of Roseville’s.

The Roseville Community Development Corporation (RCDC) is a (c)(3) non-profit public benefit corporation. The RCDC is focused on physical, economic and educational development throughout the community creating expanded employment, economic prosperity and housing opportunities for all.

Community Development Corporations (CDCs) are nonprofit, community-based organizations focused on revitalizing the areas in which they are located, typically low-income, underserved neighborhoods. 1 Oak Hill Community Development Corporation Strategic Plan Introduction Oak Hill Community Development Corporation’s strategy is.

The Harlem Community Development Corporation was created in as a subsidiary of ESD to plan for and promote the economic revitalization of the greater Harlem community from 96th Street to th Street, river to river. Its goal in this regard is to attract new businesses, retain and grow existing businesses, provide access to homeownership.

VALLEY COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION COMMUNITY INVESTMENT TAX CREDIT (CITC) PROGRAM COMMUNITY INVESTMENT PLAN (CIP) JANUARY – DECEMBER INTRODUCTION Valley Community Development Corporation seeks to empower low and moderate income people and underserved populations .

Business plan for community development corporation
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