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The man is joined by a second man and by something on wheels, which the shipwrecked men excitedly hope is a boat being readied for launch. They can see the beach, and some trees, and a lighthouse.

The naked man on shore helps drag the cook, the correspondent, and the captain onto dry land. The author, 3rd person, omniscient point of view.

There is no real central character in this story. Another sign of hope comes when the captain sees a man on shore. The captain decides that no one is coming to save them, so they should try to make it to shore on their own while they still have the strength to swim.

Cosmic irony is the belief that the universe is so large and man is so small that the universe is indifferent to the plight of man. The cook bails out the water from the bottom of the boat. On land, the correspondent drifts in and out of consciousness, but as he regains his senses, he sees a large number of people on the shore with rescue gear.

One thing that Crane has been known for is his use of imagery and similes in his writing. The wind dies down, and the overcoat sail stops working.

But they get tired in the early hours of the morning, and the cook helps out. The correspondent reaches land as if falling from a roof.

So he figures none of them did. The ocean is so rough that one indelicate move will upset the dinghy and send them into the winter waters. The immaculate power of the ocean is very indifferent to the small boat, just as our great universe could not care less for man.

The Open Boat Summary

The correspondent sees the oiler, who is swimming strongly; he sees the cook from behind and the captain hanging on to the overturned dingy. Thus, this bond between the men is the only thing they have to overcome the environment.

Fighting hopelessness, they row silently. In the shallow water floats the oiler, face down.

Stephen Crane’s “The Open Boat”: Summary & Analysis

The devastating injustice of this haunts him. The oiler quietly reminds the men that there were other lifeboats that escaped from the sinking ship. Rowing through phosphorescence and alongside a monstrous shark, the correspondent thinks of a poem he learned in childhood about a soldier dying in a distant land, never to return home.

The correspondent thinks some more about the indifference of the universe to humankind as the oiler keeps on rowing. The universe would still go on without that sea, just like the universe would still go on without mankind.

Gulls fly overhead and perch on the water. For the most part, the correspondent rows alone, wondering how he can have come so far if he is only going to drown. A wave hurls the correspondent over the boat. Everyone makes it except for Billie the oiler who is found face down in the sand dead.

The Open Boat Critical Essays

A man appears on the beach naked and helps the men onto the shore. The other men all fall asleep, but the correspondent stays up rowing the boat. For example how he describes riding in the dinghy like riding a bucking bronco. He mentions this to the oiler, how awful and stupid rowing is.

Not so fast, sailors. They make good progress toward shore. He explains that once a man realizes the universe "does not regard him as important," he may want to punish the universe, but realizes there is no way to do so 6. It seems that everything on the sea is grey weighing heavily on the feeling of the men.The Open Boat Homework Help Questions In paragraph 9 of "The Open Boat," we are told that as each wave came, the boat "seemed like a There are many instances where the sea is personified, where it is described in human or animalistic terms.

"The Open Boat" Four men drift across a January sea in an open boat, since they lost their ship some time after dawn. Now, in the clear light of day, the men begin to grasp the full gravity of their situation. The Open Boat Summary Published in"The Open Boat" is based on an actual incident from Stephen Crane's life in January of that year.

While traveling to Cuba to work as a newspaper correspondent during the Cuban insurrection against Spain, Crane was stranded at sea for thirty hours after his ship, the Commodore, sank off the coast of. The Open Boat This Essay The Open Boat and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on Autor: review • December 5, • Essay • 1, Words (6 Pages) • 1, Views4/4(1).

It's a small boat, and the sea is rough. The only name we get is the oiler's—Billie. Everyone else is simply known by his profession. The captain is injured, and steers the boat. The cook bails out the water from the bottom of the boat.

The oiler and the correspondent take turns rowing the boat.

The Open Boat

In “The Open Boat,” the power of the ocean against the insignificance of the boat, is a prime example of indifference used by Crane. The universe is represented by the power of the ocean, and the small boat in this ocean is symbolic of man in this giant universe.

Boat essay open summary
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