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The Ercoupe has not had a rudder pedal conversion.

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He took me up for a flight in a Challenger jet and he let me sit in the co-pilots seat during the short flight from Fort Lauderdale to Miami, Florida.

Skin reinforcements Fuel Tanks: After more discussion, Jeff agreed to tackle the project and immediately began researching what would be needed.

Then I started looking at the photo gallery and the virtual flyin, both on the official Cozy website. Did the traditional drilled lightening holes 10 each and discovered that more weig Evelvator Tips on Tips: It has metal wings and tail, the fuselage is tube and canvas construction.

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We then offer the projects for sale on this web site. One day I was visiting a friend in Florida who flies corporate jets. Jeff has a background in engineering, cars, motorcycles and engines. Got a few things done today While browsing through the various kits they support, I saw the Cozy MKIV and thought to myself that this was an interesting airplane.

All projects are located in the Birmingham, Alabama area unless specified in the description. During the Summer, I would go sailing twice a month and once a month in the Winter.

Protracted delays have ensued in deciding what to do with the aircraft, as unsuccessful attempts were made to rebuild the records. If you would like to learn more about making a donation please click the "How to Donate" button on the left.

How To Purchase At various times, aircraft projects and parts are donated to us for the support of our ministry.

Closing up the Tip on the VS Tips: Had the usual "fogging" around a few rivet heads which will necessitate a bit of rework We will broker the deal and weed out the genuine buyers from the tyre kickers.

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I asked Jeff if he thought it would be a good engine to use. This being said, the engine can still be utilized for the type of service the aircraft is expected to perform under FAA Part It appears that at least one country is interested in purchasing the Cessna aircraft, but without engines and avionics, the Astra aircraft may well be unsellable.

Aircraft has been in storage for the last 28 years and recently was put under a covered outdoor hangar. At first I spent a lot of time putting together various computer servers, networking the computers in my house and writing many lines of code for various software projects I became involved with.


As the aircraft were fitted with a South African developed avionics suite, they received the local name of Pilatus Astra. NEM is fitted with a stick and rudder pedals with differential braking.

Good time to be inside pounding away. The aircraft has a special airworthiness certificate from the FFA and has been approved for phase 1 flight testing.

Unable to recompile the records, the SAAF withdrew all the remaining aircraft from service. Airframe appears to be in decent condition, some paint chipping from sitting the past couple years.Aircraft For Sale on Find, Buy or Sell Helicopters, Aircraft, Jets, Ultralight or Military Aircraft, Single Engine or Multi-engine Prop Planes and More For Sale on Aero Trader®.

Aircraft For Sale at Your source for Used Airplanes, Helicopters and Aviation Classifieds. The Homebuilt Aircraft for Sale directory provides a way for buyers to search specifically for a homebuilt aircraft.

Homebuilt aircraft listings include year, make and model, and many have photos available of the homebuilt aircraft itself.

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Light Sport Aircraft - Aircraft For Sale 5 featured advertiser aircraft. basic listings. Instantly Access all Light Sport Aircraft listings. View & Research all Light Sport Aircraft listings like the pros. CHALLENGER II AMPHIB PROJECT - Two Place - Light Sport Aircraft - For Sale () • AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY!

• With N-number (Click on picture link above).

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D&E Aircraft - Parts, Wings, Ribs and other Aircraft Accessories. Fuselages & Engines ; Projects and Fuselages. 2 Engines 4 Sale - CALL TO MAKE AN OFFER. Continental 65 HP Tapered Shaft Engine # Has prop .

Aircraft projects for sale
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