1848 den franske revolution essay

Powerful regions like Prussia and Austria gained increasing authority over other small city-states who had to make do with the limited power they possessed. Times altered the economic and social order of the working class when factories replaced craft production.

The middle class created a nationalistic society by looking down upon the foreigners who resided in German territories. Since there are thirty-eight customs borders, the products of the Germans could not circulate in the country without putting the manufacturers into debt. In his private letters he documented his liberal ideas on social order, and thereby ridiculed the lower class as a "danger to the public safety" document 4.

[Dansk] 1848 Den Franske Revolution

When the economy struggled desperately due to a shortage of food, the starvation of the poor class soon followed. Industrialists were prejudiced against helping the working class because they felt it would lead to "wastefulness and laziness" document 4.

They believed that only those who spoke the German tongue could prosper in Germany. Developing power was scattered among three hundred different states consolidated under the Holy Roman Empire. Due to the separation of the states, some Germans advocated German unification under a single constitutional monarchy; however, after the defeat of Napoleon, their dreams were crushed.

This division of power among the states ignited a flame that eventually erupted when the aristocrats, the middle class, and the workers began to openly vocalize their beliefs. Although the working class of Germany did not accumulate the voice to induce change, workers were regularly categorized as severe radicals.

In his pamphlet, Friedrich List complains about the economic system due to the high percentage price of custom borders that "cripple their internal commerce" document 5.

Known for their conservative views of power, the aristocrats primarily ostracized the idea of change concerning the status quo.

The police confiscated the pamphlet due to the aggression of the author. Many middle class writers documented their beliefs in various sources. The class statuses included the conservative aristocrats or wealthy class, the liberal middle classmen, and the radical workers. Johann Riegel, a bookseller, explains that nearly all the crafts are either in decline or "in grip of drastic changes in their shops" to meet the competition of industrialization.

However, the rich never had to worry about the food supply because they could afford the prices. Middle class views varied across a range of social, political, and economic opinions which all ultimately led to liberal beliefs.

His radical point of view concerning the social status of the working class, and his threat against the political monarchs.Essays: [Dansk] Den Franske Revolution. HISTORIE OPGAVEN I 2.G. INDHOLDSFORTEGNELSE: INDLEDNING3 BAGGRUNDEN FOR OVERGANGEN FRA ENEVÆLDE TIL KONSTITUT. This was the starting point of the Revolutions, because at that time, France was the most important country in Europe.

Before the s, France was in its eGolden Age; the other European countries had always followed French ideas, even after the Revolutions until the year /5(3). French Revolution The French Revolution last from to This war had many causes that began the revolution.

Revolution of 1848

Its causes ranged from the American Revolution, the economic crisis in France, social injustices to the immediate causes like the fall of Bastille, the Convening of he Estate-General, and the Great Fear. The foundation of Marxist ideology was the French Revolution of which Karl Marx believed (a) had been successful and (b) had been a revolution of the bourgeoisie.

He believed therefore that, if the bourgeoisie could attain success in a revolution, then the proletariat could do the same. The French Revolution was the first of its kind and was the result of a number of issues in France. These issues included the lack of food, the bad economy, the debt France was in and the flourishing of 'Enlightened' ideas (Doy).

Den Franske Revolution | Rapport Stor opgave om den franske revolution. Opgaven er valgt fordi jeg mente at den franske revolution ligger til grund for meget af den vestlige politiske tradition i moderne tid.

1848 den franske revolution essay
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